We spend roughly FOUR years of our lives in the bathroom!

Throughout history, from the Romans to the Victorians, a luxurious bathroom has been considered a place for pampering and relaxation. And, according to this graphic released by Hansgrohe, "Globally, people spend over 70 minutes in the bathroom each day." That means on average, we spend roughly FOUR years of our lives in the bathroom! Also, 72% of people say they have "had ideas or worked through problems in the shower." And since "the tranquility of the shower experience was the aspect most commonly cited for helping to generate new ideas and fresh thinking, alongside the feel of the water and being alone", it's clear that the bath is one of the most valued rooms in our homes.

Because we spend such a great deal of our lives in the bathroom, don't you think it's time we allow ourselves to dream a little more about how we should adorn our most private sanctuary? Using natural color pallets is a way to invite placidity into your soak. Precisely placed windows can bring the serenity of the outside in, while vanity mirrors uniquely placed will make your bathroom space seem more like a victorian castle than a plain old washroom. What are your thoughts about pebbles that are strategically placed around your luxurious spa tub to pamper your feet with a massage and give your space that zen garden feel? It's time to stop refraining yourself from your dream and start realizing that it is nothing short of feasible!

Spectacular layouts are where cleanliness meets fabulous while even enhancing functionality! Here at John Cannon Homes, we know that the bath is an integral part of your personal time. Here is a great article showcasing 30 modern bathroom designs that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Three of our newest model homes feature some of the designs in this article. Let us help you design a bath that will fulfill your dreams and become your own special sanctuary.

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