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John Cannon’s newest model, The Avianna, is a testament to his consistent commitment to designing and building luxurious custom homes using only the finest materials partnered with exquisite craftsmanship.In the world of custom home building, no two custom builders are going to be the same. When it comes to the builder’s ability to balance your desires, financial requirements and logistics, the end result should be one of superb quality construction, excellent customer service and five-star satisfaction.

John Cannon Homes award-winning reputation of excellence in construction and design proves he is the number one choice in Southwest Florida for a premier luxury custom home.
"My wife Phillipa and I started John Cannon Homes with the philosophy that your home is the fulfillment of your dream,” John Cannon said, “the culmination of all you have worked for your entire life. It should be respected as such. At John Cannon Homes, we never forget that your home is the center of your life - a place to build memories, raise a family, entertain friends and celebrate life. We're committed to making sure we build you a home where all that is possible.”

Home Building Is a Complex Job.
As John points out in his upcoming online series of articles, “How to Build your Custom Dream Home: And Live to Tell about (Enjoy) it,” to be available on their website, John points out that “just because you can boil water, doesn't’t make you a cook.” The same goes for custom home building. There are easily 60-plus different skilled trades and thousands of components to construct an average custom home. From constructing a solid, energy efficient structure and installing state-of-the art plumbing, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, to fitting the home with a wide range of products and finishes, it requires design and planning upfront, and careful management throughout the process. When choosing a builder, it is important to know their history, their longevity and reputation in an area especially when it comes to financial experience and acumen. John Cannon Homes offers “Design-Build” service. Working with his team, you play an active role in the planning of your dream home. And so does he: John is a “hands-on” builder and is involved in all facets of the project. It begins with the luxury of establishing a preliminary design at little to no cost and receiving an accurate price for your project.

Everything Designed To Reflect your Taste and Desires
With a design center, offering nearly 4,000 square feet of product ideas and samples you can touch and feel, from opulent flooring products, luxurious bath fixtures, and more, John Cannon Homes’ professional designers guide you through the entire process to reflect your taste and desires. No exasperating, overwhelming trips to big box stores and countless design centers, wasting time, money and trying your patience. Plus, this is done during the pre-construction and throughout the project, so there aren’t surprises. Budgets aren’t compromised and you, the designers and John are all on the same page. "We believe it's crucial to maintain the relationship," said John Cannon. "Our designers know the customers, and also know the process in building the home,” he adds, “because this is all that we do.” For over 25 years, John Cannon Homes has built a solid reputation and solid portfolio of luxury residences throughout Southwest Florida. In the words of just one of many satisfied customers, "The personal service that John Cannon Homes offers is incomparable. There's no one like him in today's market. Every single person on the Cannon team has gone out of their way to be helpful and professional while our home was being built and we are delighted with the result!"

Find out for yourself. You can build the custom home of your dreams. It’s waiting for you at John Cannon Homes.

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