The Milina, Victoria and Corindi West Indies Designs Leave a Guest Breathless

Every year, I go on the Parade of Tour Homes just to see what is out there and to get ideas. I have done this for about 13 consecutive years in the Sarasota area. In fact, that is how I discovered the JC product back in 2005. I toured your homes and other builders homes but found the fit, finishes, and design elements of the JCH to be far better. I was not that interested in a cookie-cutter Mediterranean home so I went Low Country and have been extremely pleased.
Last year, my partner and I made the tour not sure what to expect. We had no intention to build for ourselves at this time. But, we were very surprised to see two models, Corindi and Victoria, that incorporated the West Indies look - they took our breath away in many respects. Very well done - I never thought I would move away from the more traditional home style but I, like many of the people with whom I speak with, are moving towards the WI look - it is fresh - cool - contemporary - inviting - unlike so many of the Mediterranean styles that, quite frankly, have left so many of us, cold. While we fell in love with bits and pieces of both models, we also wanted to have a little more contemporary look - not too modern, but not quite as traditional or conservative as many builders have put up. As you know, we tried very hard to put together a new home with a more contemporary look while incorporating features from these two models. With Darrel's sharp drawings and your and Barbara's help, I think we accomplished this quite well. I am very proud of the new house going up in the Concession!
While touring through the Esplanade, we were both very pleased with the new model, Milina. West Indies style but with a more Contemporary feel - not way too modern but yet inviting - sleek - very welcoming feeling walking inside. We loved this house. This, honestly, is the only time we have both loved a house from every aspect - paint, flooring, cabinets, counters, fixtures, ceiling, flow of the house - only thing missing is a Media Room! Beyond that, needless to say, had we seen this model 12 months ago, not sure if we would be building - rather, we would have bought the model and looked to add a Media Room. The Vaulted Ceiling upon entry - the stone around the fireplace - the Master Bath shower floor and outside patio - the wall colors - the windows in the kitchen - everything is what I hear so many people want but seldom see in one house. We have been so impressed by this model, we have been 3x.
I give this feedback to you because I think JCH has struck a new chord with people. The West Indies look with the sleek, more modern tones and vibes are quite impressive. Again, had we seen this model last year, we would have basically duplicated it and just added a Media Room - you have done an outstanding job on this home and y'all are to be Congratulated! Everything fits perfectly - I could not find anything wrong! - DK & MK

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