Interior Design Trends for Modern Bathrooms

Bathrooms are having a moment. Like closets, they are no longer just rooms of utility or an interior design after-thought. Bathrooms are being enlarged and cloaked in luxury, and with good reason – people an average of 416 days of their lives in bathrooms, found a 2019 survey. From getting ready for the day to relaxing in a bubble bath, the bathroom has become a place of refuge.

With the greater focus on bathrooms as an important space in mind, what are the up-and-coming design trends for bathrooms?

Wood – One of the most classic materials makes an appearance in most current bathroom designs. New wood products specifically designed for bathrooms are water-resistant, making them available for use in bathrooms when it was previously not recommended. Consider the use of wood on walls, the introduction of wood pallets, or wood in combination with other natural materials (such as metal) in the same piece. Wood is warm and inviting, and encourages lingering. Using a combination of modern and organic, like a matching glass and wood, creates clean and elegant lines.

Marble or stone – Marble has returned with a flourish. White and gray combinations are the most common colors seen with the use of marble in modern bathroom design, but warm colors are also trending. Stone is another timeless choice. Our team of designers can help weave these classic materials into the fabric of your modern dream bathroom. Using a combination of natural materials increases tactile and visual textures.

Gold rush  – Metal fixtures have always been a staple in bathrooms, but in the past decades, designers have shied away from gold-colored metals. Move over, silver: gold is back with a more industrial, yet glamorous touch. Matte and satin finishes are being seen more often than chrome finishes, and copper tones are on trend.

Luxurious showers – As we design more outdoor living spaces that include spa / pool combinations (often included as well: a gas fire pit), many are opting to go with a space-saving, highly luxurious shower in lieu of going all-out with their soaking tub. Hydromassage showers, large shower heads, and in-shower seating spaces are commonly requested.

Plants – Happily, it seems bathroom plants are here to stay. These started popping up in the past year or so and homeowners are finding more creative ways to include them in their bathroom design. In fact, some bathrooms are being designed around an indoor tree, or other large plant that can be changed with the season. Plants help purify the air and provide a wonderful touch to any room.

Whatever your vision for your bathrooms, we are delighted make it happen at John Cannon Homes. Please give our team a call any time to discuss further details.

Pictured: The Tindarra's master bathroom

The Tindarra master bathroom by John Cannon Homes


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