Forecasting 2021's Color Trends for Home Design

Home is where the heart is, where you lay your hat, and where you rest your feet. Lately home might also be where you work, where your kids learn, or where you've decided to try your hand at recreating vintage macramé plant holders. Ever the multitasker, your house’s most important one is creating an environment that matches your aesthetic.

When planning your custom home’s color palette or adding an accent color to a room in your newly built home, your colors and décor should reflect your vibe.

But where to start? Have you ever gone to your local hardware store and just stood there staring at the paint swatches? When did blue copy 4,000 variations of itself? A seemingly endless color wheel can feel incredibly overwhelming, but it can also be the start of something new and exciting.

Remember that the internet is your friend and you're only a few keystrokes away from a ton of helpful sources. Let's look at Sherwin–Williams' Colormix® Forecast 2021.

They've broken down a series of gorgeous shades into four distinct categories to assist in taking your look from a drab 2020 to a fab new year.

Their site boasts that the warm, creamy colors in their Sanctuary collection are influenced by nesting, minimalism, and Scandinavian design. It's a modern assortment of neutral tones that begs for you to cuddle in and reopen that dog-eared Steinbeck you’ve been hanging onto since college.

Their Encounter line up is perfect for that aforementioned macramé startup, as it is "rooted in culture and artisan craft." The hues here are designed to be combined in a number of ways that’s both pleasing to the eye and allows for a creative flow while you find a look that’s all your own.

Continuum is a bit brighter than the previous two, pulling its inspiration from above and below. Limón Fresco or Great Falls, for example, would make amazing accent walls, or you could go bold and use one for an entire space.

Where Sanctuary took its lead from minimalism, Tapestry is described as a "more curated take on maximalism."

This group provides exciting pops of color with shades like Cape Verde and contrasts them with more subtle tones such as Greek Villa. With so many great options, you're going to want to paint everything.

Another great tip: on the Sherwin-Williams site, each color's page provides options of coordinating colors, and you can play around with different match-ups using their Colorsnap® Visualizer. So click on over to their site and see what 2021 looks like for you.

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Pictured: The Kylie - Bonus Room

The Kylie - Bonus Room

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