(Pumpkin) Spice Up your Autumn - in the Kitchen

Autumn in Florida often requires a willingness to alter your typical idea of the season. Here, if the temperature dips below 85 for at least two consecutive days, we flock to our local meteorologists for an update, while simultaneously unboxing cozy knits, lighting an array of candles, and sipping on pumpkin spice everything. Many of our homeowners will gather around their outdoor fireplace or firepit as the evening air becomes just a bit cooler!

October has arrived, the calendar and our hearts have declared a change in season, and we will happily swap out our beachy doormats for more festive ones reading "Happy Fall Y'all!" Our beautiful sunshine state doesn’t often welcome cooler temps, so when it happens, we're ready!

As we march towards year's end, Fall’s warm orange, red, and brown hues provide a comforting atmosphere. Granted, Floridians experience much of that via Hallmark movies, or daydreams where we run off to cabin rentals in the mountains. But here we are blessed with subtle breezes, open our sliding glass doors and dressing for the weather we want. The decorative gourds are out on the porch, the hand soaps have all changed to spicy scents, and there is an abundance of wheat bundles displayed around the home.

So how can we further enhance the autumnal flair simmering within us? In the kitchen of course with one of Fall's favorite fruit, the apple! There is a lot of room to play with the flavors with so many varieties (i.e. Braeburn, Fiji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp to mention just a few) as they range from crispness, sweetness, and tartness.  Apples aren't just for baking either, they can be added to salads, main courses and broken apple crumbles.

Kitchen appliances, most importantly the oven, range and cooktops that can be found in our models and in our clients' homes are as functional as they are beautiful and can help turn any cook into a chef! In our Kylie model at Cassia at Skye Ranch, we feature two side by side Bosch 30" wall ovens, which will make baking that apple pie or apple turnover an enjoyable task! You can visit the Bosch website for plenty more recipes with autumnal flair.

Whether baking apple delights or casually entertaining your family and friends in your outdoor living areas it's the perfect time to apple-laud your efforts!

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