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An award-winning home builder with a solid foundation of success, John Cannon continutes to set the standard by which others are measured.His homes are solid, substantial and stunning. His business continues to evolve to meet the ongoing needs of an increasingly savvy clientele. And his commitment to quality is unwavering. From new construction to substantial renovations, John Cannon is raising the bar on residential building throughout the Gulf Coast region. John’s industry experience is a comprehensive blend of educational knowledge and practical implementation; he earned a degree in Building Construction from Michigan State University and has gone on to build over 1,000 custom homes. After launching his career with a national builder, John created his own company. John Cannon Homes, a venture developed with the assistance of his wife Phillipa, has grown into a full-service firm that includes construction, remodeling, design and property management divisions. The company runs smoothly and efficiently thanks to a thoughtful and well-planned structure, designed to maximize efficacy and provide an exceptional client experience.

A cerebral builder who takes a thoughtful approach to his business and his work, John acknowledges the tremendous level of support that his extensive team provides. Subcontractors, architectural designers, interior designers and sales and marketing specialists work together to offer clients a congruent experience throughout the process of creating their custom homes. “They have adapted to my non-traditional world,” he quips, noting that he is as comfortable collaborating with clients as he is with lending professionals. John’s vision is a broad one; he is imaginative and pragmatic, which has allowed him to cultivate a solid and growing business while offering a unique product to each customer. “A builder achieves longevity by maintaining a successful balance between the creative and practical aspects of the business,” John observes. “I’m fortunate to have the ability to combine these characteristics effectively. I have an intuitive sense of numbers, which has enabled me to grow a sustainable and solid company even during challenging economic conditions. I also truly enjoy the creative element of my work. This allows me to create unique homes that reflect and complement each client’s distinct lifestyle, while never compromising quality.”

The Cannon Homes experience is one that is tailored to each client’s unique wants and needs. The company’s evolution and growth is the direct result of John’s desire to facilitate a concierge approach in the home building process, and he has successfully established a new standard for customer care. From clean-sheet designs to modifications on existing model homes or renovations of their current residences, clients work with the Cannon Homes team from start to finish, enjoying the convenience of an all-inclusive process that includes interior design and furnishing. An on-site design center features high-end appliances, fixtures, finishes and materials used throughout each home, eliminating the need for clients to seek out their own products based on builder allowances. “From cabinets to roof tiles, we have a beautifully-appointed showroom that allows our clients to maintain a sense of cohesiveness and consistency, both in the process of designing and in the finished product itself,” explains John. “The showroom alone drastically reduces the stress, time and effort involved in creating a custom home. It also puts all of the visual components in one place so that our clients can truly see how their color and design schemes will work together throughout the home.” Throughout the building process, clients are provided photos and updates on the status of their homes. This ongoing communication allows customers’ questions and concerns to be addressed, and provides them with accurate and timely information. It’s an extra step that, notes John, greatly relieves the stress that is often associated with building a custom home.

An in-house architecture design center also lends itself to a smoother process. “Our architectural designers understand how to create homes that really work,” notes John, who points out that the disconnect that often occurs between design theory and practicality is avoided with his team approach. “The design process is unique to each plot of land,” he adds. “Each site features specific conditions and permitting issues can vary drastically. Our team identifies exactly what is needed for every home we build or remodel, and factors in the variable costs up front; there are no surprises or additional charges to our clients in the middle of the project.” Up-front pricing allows clients to adhere to their financial parameters without sacrificing style, and the company’s tremendous buying power allows for beautiful, high-quality details at every price point. “We not only make it easy for our clients to put together a complete home, but we maintain a commitment to investing in fine materials and products that are sustainable,” John remarks. “Our company has been built on this premise, and only by following through on our promise of integrity and quality have we been able to achieve longevity within our industry.”

A sense of accountability distinguishes the team of professionals at John Cannon Homes. The group’s members take full ownership of each project they represent, delivering clients an exceptional home and a smooth experience. A longtime resident of Sarasota, John is committed to creating homes that will stand the test of time while adding significant value to the lives of their owners and the communities in which they reside. “My first love is designing homes, and I continue to appreciate the opportunity to build residences that make people happy,” he reveals. “My team is equally committed to this goal.” From construction supervisors and dedicated subcontractors to purchasing agents and financial team members, the personnel at John Cannon Homes has proven to be a reliable and loyal group; some employees have been with the company for over two decades, and many outside trade partners have been affiliated with John Cannon Homes since his first residential build. It is this collegial loyalty, notes John, that has enabled him to build and sustain a thriving company even as the industry continues to face ongoing challenges. “I’m savvy enough to know that, in order to be successful, you must have the right people in place,” he acknowledges. “My team is experienced, professional and dedicated to facilitating a positive experience for our clients. That makes a difference in every project we handle.” Their volume adds a depth and breadth of knowledge that is incomparable; John Cannon Homes builds residences designed and suited for the Gulf Coast region’s unique environments and conditions.

John Cannon’s signature is subtle, indefinable. Yet it’s present in every home he touches. There’s a certain sense of massing and proportion, an element of symmetry that maintains balance and harmony throughout each residence he handles. Rich colors enhance the visual appeal of high-quality materials, adding a sense of luxury within every home. And details, from the depth of a niche to the curve of an arch, are always complementary. “Walk into any home and there’s a feeling of whether it works or it doesn’t,” observes John. “The mind may not recognize an element that is out of place, or the way pieces create a cohesive atmosphere, but there’s a sense of interaction that people pick up on.” John and his team invest the time necessary not only to create a space that accomplishes each client’s wants and needs, but also to develop a home that works on multiple levels of consciousness. “Ultimately, our objective at John Cannon Homes is to build residences that make people feel good,” reveals John. “Everyone associated with our company is committed to this goal.”

His models, situated in upscale and luxury communities throughout Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Pasco and Hillsborough counties, typically feature Mediterranean designs with Floridian influences. “We like to combine cutting-edge elements and trends with classic designs,” says John. “This gives our homes a fresh appeal, while preventing them from becoming outdated as new trends emerge.” And while model homes often serve as starting points for John Cannon Homes’ clients, he reveals that the process of tailoring a property to a client’s unique wants and needs involves significantly more than changing color schemes. “These are not model homes that are simply rebuilt with a few modifications,” explains John. “We have gone through twenty changes, fine tuning floor plans and details to create exactly what our clients want.From ceiling heights to redesigned rooms, we are here to create the homes of our clients’ dreams.”

The region’s diverse amenities are ideal settings for a range of homes, including luxurious waterfront properties, charming golf course bungalows and stunning country club estates. John Cannon Homes have won hundreds of design and building awards throughout the years, though John reveals that a handful of honors are his most prized. “We were voted one of the ‘Best Building Companies to Work for in America’ by ‘Professional Builder Magazine,’ and have been consistently named as the winner or finalist of the Sarasota Herald Tribune’s Reader’s Choice Awards as the ‘Best Residential Builder’ for eighteen consecutive years,” he offers. “These awards reflect the reputation we have earned as a firm associated with quality, value and longevity.”

From the ground-up, John Cannon Homes are as distinctive as their owners. John and his team of professionals remain committed to building a reputation of excellence into every home.

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