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SARASOTA, FL -- John Cannon Homes, Inc. announced today that all homes currently under construction, as well as future homes, will meet or exceed the guidelines set by the Florida Green Building Coalition, Inc. (FGBC).

"Conservation of water resources, maintaining affordable and reliable energy sources and incorporating them into homebuilding is important to me as a member of this community" said John Cannon, President of John Cannon Homes, Inc. "Building a home that meets the Green Building Standards set by the State of Florida, benefits the homeowner, too" he added. "The idea of living in an environmentally friendly home is appealing on many levels and buyers know that ultimately, a green house will save them money."

There are nine key concepts that John Cannon Homes considers when building a green home.

Materials/Construction Process: John Cannon Homes uses materials that include recycled content, are easily recyclable, and materials and techniques that produce less waste when implemented.

Passive Design: Proper sizing of HVAC systems; incorporation of either cross-ventilation or ceiling fans; providing shade with overhangs, an outdoor living space that is open to a minimum of three sides; all ductwork sealed with mastic compounds; light-colored exterior paint, a centrally located water heater and insulated hot water piping; both above and below ground, and outside lights that are fluorescent or mercury vapor lamps.

Site and Landscape: Lot choice, native tree and plant preservation, save and reuse all removed topsoil and stabilize disturbed soil, all plants and trees to be compatible with local environment, irrigation system design capabilities are matched with plant needs.

Pool and Spa: efficient pool pumps, salt water or ionization sanitation system.

Waterfront considerations: use of terraces, swales or berms to slow storm water movement, low maintenance plants placed between lawn and shoreline, no turf adjacent to water.

Energy Efficiency: All installed appliances such as refrigerator, clothes washer and dishwasher are ENERGY STAR rated, use of sealed and insulated interior recessed ceiling fixtures, light colored interior walls, ceiling and light colored flooring.

Water Efficiency: Hot water recirculation systems, low-flow fixtures, faucet aerators, and low-flow toilets with shut-off valves.

Indoor Environmental Quality: Attached garage with air barrier between garage and living space, healthy insulation, integrated pest management, a usable entry area, central vacuum systems, healthy flooring, low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints, sealants, stains and finishes.

Disaster Mitigation: Impact resistant garage doors, window and skylight protection, grade slopes away from building on all sides, fire-resistant roof-covering, and sealed slabs.

Our Design staff along with our team of in-house interior designers, plan from initial meetings with our clients, the structural green building components that are integrated into their home. They begin with the optimized placement of the home on the lot, protection of the existing vegetation on the lot, determine the correct type of insulation for the home, minimize the water run-off to provide erosion and sedimentation control and choose paints, stains, adhesives and floor treatments with low, VOC's along with ENERGY STAR and water-saving appliances. Mechanical equipment is chosen that will provide the home owner with quality air, lighting, moisture control and thermal comfort.

Once the home is completed, a Florida Green Build Certifying Agent will inspect the home to see if it meets the standards set by the Florida Green Building Coalition. Once the home is approved the homeowner is awarded a Green Home Certificate along with the rating checklist from the FGBC.

"Our home buyers are encouraged to build green. We provide them with a homeowner's manual that will help them understand how to operate the house and take care of the landscaping so that the intended benefits of a green home are realized for the customer and the earth.

I have two children, and the majority of my clients have children, so it's important to me to make sure that whatever I do as a builder includes being sensitive to the environmental issues and challenges facing us today," said Cannon.


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