John and Phillipa Cannon

President and Vice President of John Cannon Homes, Inc.

John's industry experience is a comprehensive blend of educational knowledge and practical implementation; he graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors’ in building construction and relocated to Sarasota, Florida to work for a national builder.

John Cannon defines his role as “the visionary” and Phillipa’s as “the heart and soul.”

After years of perfecting his skills, he pursued his dream to design and build custom, luxury homes under his own name and founded John Cannon Homes, Inc. with his wife, Phillipa. Thirty-six years later, his unwavering commitment to quality product and service excellence sets the “gold” standard for the custom home building industry in our area today.

From the beginning, John and Phillipa each brought their strengths to the organization. John had expertise in building and Phillipa’s background in banking provided a solid financial foundation. Today, as the company's vice president, she oversees all financial aspects of client contracts and works with their lending institutions to ensure a pleasant experience.

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