Testimonials about John Cannon Homes from customers and vendors.


Thank you, John, for personally making sure that my job as your framing contractor is easily managed. John personally inspects each of his projects, makes sure that he is using the most proficient building methods, constantly in communication with his personnel and those of us out in the field. He makes sure we all have the tools needed to build amazing structures for his customers. We are honored to be part of his team! -RG

Trade Partner Accolades

We are building a new Home with John Cannon, and are 6-8 weeks from completion. The experience has been excellent, along with the build quality, pricing and the high level of involvement by the Cannon Management Team. From the initial Sales Consultations, the Design and Pricing phases, to the actual Construction ---- the process has been professional and focused on the Customer. The weekly involvement of the VP of Construction, as well as Mr. Cannon himself, has produced a Home that is of High Quality and possesses a Level of Finishes none of the other Builders were capable of delivering. These Homes are highly customized and complicated, so issues should be expected during construction. The Differentiator is how the Builder addresses the problem and the speed at which it is rectified. The Cannon Team, including the Senior Management, are highly involved when issues arise and give the Sub-Contractors and their Project Managers the ability to correct problems rapidly. There is never a lengthy debate over cost or fault ----- just a prompt response to "make it right". The Customer Focus from Blaise our Sales Professional, Cara our Construction Architect, and Nunzie the VP of Construction has been evident, and impressive since inception. The Final Product is a few weeks away, and because of the Cannon Team Approach and Customer Focus, we are getting a Home that exceeded our expectations. - WD

Custom Focus is Key

I am building a new home with this company. I thoroughly researched the builders in my area by interviewing several and speaking at length with friends who have built homes in the area before settling on John Cannon Homes. The process from my first meeting with the sales staff to my initial meetings with architects and planners to the complete design center where everything was chosen before construction began was well orchestrated, professionally done, and extremely thorough. This allowed us to have a firm grasp on costs before we began construction with a clear understanding that changes could be made and how additional costs would be computed. The construction process was not without the usual bumps with subs not showing up or leaving, but the job was railroaded by an incredible superintendent manager, Brett Bennett, who was constantly on top of everything. Having built and extensively remodeled homes in the past, this experience was incredible. I have never seen anyone more involved and on top of a project before.

Our home is almost complete and we are very happy with our experience.- WS

Almost Complete and Very Happy

JCH designs and builds a beautiful home. They are extremely responsive to customization, and they want you to be proud of your home. Amy and Michael were great to work with, and we always felt like they were advocates for us and our many requests for changes and additions. This kind of adaptability and responsiveness is why we love the way our home turned out. Foundationally, the home appears to be very sound, tight, and efficient. The quality of materials and finishes made available is excellent, and although pricey, you get what you pay for. During the time of our build, there was a shortage of local workers, so the building process was frustrating at times. It affected the timing somewhat, but also I believe the quality of the work done. Several subcontractors (cabinets, electrician, plumbing, SGDs, HVAC, painters, framers) had to be recalled to replace and repair significant installations. It was important to walk-thru the house during the build on a regular basis to see issues as they occurred which can be exhausting and disheartening at times, but definitely worth the investment of your time. It also helps when you want to upgrade something that was overlooked or just occurs to you in the process. The good news is that JCH warrants their homes for 2 years, and everything we asked to be fixed was resolved during the build and/or in the first 4 months after we moved in. We've been here only 5 months, and so far, so good. Again, we love our home, and we're very happy we chose this home and site.- TG O

Designing and Building a Beautiful Home

Hello Mr. Cannon.

I wanted to reach out to thank you and tell you how happy we are with our new John Cannon home here in Eaglescliffe.

It all started with your salesperson working with us remotely (we were living in Budapest at the time) to show us how he could make the Talia model fit our needs and our budget. He worked hard and quickly and proved he really was listening to what we wanted.

Then - we spent a lot of time with your design liaison remotely and in an intensive in-person design session a year ago April to make design selectors that turned out fantastically. She came up with great options, and, importantly, as we had questions, she was super responsive and helpful. Everything we chose together worked out perfectly.

Finally, we can't say enough good things about how our project manager managed the project and continues to this day staying in touch to make sure we are satisfied customers. I was communicating with him via email from Europe in the middle of the night in the USA and I could count on him to be right back to me very, very early any morning I sent him an email. And he always has a "can do" approach to all our requests. He is just simply great to work with.

Congratulations Mr. Cannon on building such a great team. It's clear you have set the right direction on being customer focused and highly responsive as the home building process unfolds. We're proud to be John Cannon homeowners.



Simply Great to Work With

The personal connection between John ( and everyone) and our clients has been amazing. That is what makes them feel special and able to enjoy the most wonderful process of building your dream home. There is nothing better as a realtor then being able to know that your client is in the best hands when it comes to building your dream home! - LR & IR, Realtors

A Personal Connection is Key

“I give the credit to the Old World craftsmen who put heart and soul into their projects. Every room has been touched by artisans with a passion for what they do, and it shows,” he said. “And I thank project manager Mike Johns who was on site every single day and kept everything going smoothly.- AK & MJ

Living Large

Hi John,

You create wonderful homes. If you ever need someone to advocate on your behalf (especially if Blaise is involved), please do not hesitate to call upon us. With all sincerity we can speak to the intense effort you and every member of your team invest in satisfying the wishes of a future Sarasota community resident. We believe you view each of us as neighbors from the moment we are introduced. That personal connection defines you and separates you from all those who simply build houses and not homes. Maintain that goal as your beacon and you will succeed in far more than creating a successful business model. Carry on!

Your neighbor, Michael

You create wonderful homes

We are in our terrific new home. Mary and I want to thank you for your support throughout this process. Wherever we touched John's team, we found expertise, responsiveness, and great follow through. That never happens by accident. Thank you, John.

Each of you excelled in your respective areas of contribution. Evan Grigoli initiated the process and did a great job of capturing our needs and answering our questions. Jill Stafford did a fantastic job of guiding all those decisions that ultimately set the tone for a home. Tony Farese was so meticulous that he made me realize that when it comes to details, I'm in the minor leagues. He knows how to make things happen. Sheila Samuel worked closely with us to track costs and payments. We came out spot on-between my track and her's.

Tom Shumway, at our start construction orientation, said he would be involved in our home build. He was good to his word. I really appreciated his interest throughout the process. An example, we were both going through the house, I was putting blue tape on finish I questioned and Tom was following putting blue tape on stuff I missed. In the end, Tony pulled all the contributions together and made them a wonderful reality. I see in my email, there there is a survey from John Cannon Homes. Of course, I will complete the survey. However, I wanted to acknowledge in a more direct way my appreciation for each of you.



Our terrific new home

Hello John,

Choosing a builder is not an easy task. We looked at 100 model homes, spoke to dozens of salespeople, wrote letters to homeowners and knocked on doors of previous customers. Eventually the list was narrowed down to two builders. 

The final decision was made when we visited the Rosella and saw Mike working with customers that had signed contracts weeks before. He wanted to be certain his customers were satisfied with their new home. It was obvious that John Cannon Homes were building homes and not just another house. Having the salesperson involved after the sale is a nice touch and a great opportunity to upsell. You may want to consider implementing that service throughout the company.

Our biggest obstacle to selecting a builder was working through the maze of salespeople, some of which kept us from considering a builder. 

"The mistakes in the model won't be in your home because the builder now knows what he's doing" was our favorite comment.

"Sign now before the price increase" was almost universal.

"We can build anything, anywhere for $90/sf, this model for $71 or that model for $83" all while trying to sell a home priced at $125/sf proved the ignorance of building and lack of integrity of the salesperson.  

One salesperson had his sales manager call him four times pretending to be his wife. The story was the salesperson had to leave the office to watch his kids because his wife was going out of town. They combined it with the "sign now or face a price increase" story. That made us question the integrity of the company and the sanity of the salespeople. We wondered if their boss knew how many customers they were chasing away.

We starting seeing salespeople as the "gatekeepers", the person that blocks the sale.  We walked away from some builders because we didn't want to deal with the nonsense that day.



Why we chose John Cannon Homes

Hello John,

We have been in our new home for two years now and we still love it.  It’s a gorgeous home and has proven itself to be quality-built.    We did extensive research before selecting John Cannon Homes and now know we made the right decision.

Our home has none of the stress cracks, stuck windows, loose cabinet doors, leaks etc that we found in homes by other builders.  The few minor warranty issues we had were addressed immediately after contacting your office.  Please thank Jamie O'Driscoll for us.



Our New Home

“I just wanted to come back and say that we went to the other models after visiting yours and there is no comparison between the quality and level of finish. One other builder had a 4’ long piece of baseboard with a splice in the middle of it. Your model, while not finished yet, will be the best one here.” - Wayne, a visitor to our Avianna model home had this to share after touring completed model homes in The Concesssion and The Avianna which is open during construction for hard hat tours.

The Avianna - An Under Construction Review


Well, it actually happened….Lots of ups and downs during the ~2 year process; but we are closed and the design and construction is quite spectacular. 

Nelson and Jill have been amazing, but you already know that.   We appreciated the ease of the close at the end and the straightforwardness on the warranty documents.

We are quite busy over the next few weeks with the move and travel for work, but would welcome a chance to debrief on the entire process and show you the furnished house.




The design and construction is quite spectacular

The front of the house looks better then I ever expected.  Seven foot elevation makes the entry very impressive.

I get about 6 -10 comments every day from friends and strangers!  Great work!


Very Impressed with the start of our new home!

We want to thank you for the beautiful home you built for us and to let you know how much we appreciate your help with this project. You were always around to personally supervise every detail, you kept us well-informed of the progress, and you were always available for a phone call or a meeting on the homesite. We feel the construction of the house is of excellent quality. If we ever build another house, you will be the builder!


We would like to thank both of you and your staff for your attentiveness to our needs over the past six months, and the manner in which it was handled. The quality of construction is truly reflective of a quality, custom-built home. It is nice to feel that you truly received what you paid for and more. Thank you once again for making our first home-building experience a positive one!


Before choosing John Cannon as the builder, I talked to several leading builders in the area and even though I had plans drawn by an Architect, I abandoned them and the other builders ideas and bids in favor of John Cannon's in-house design and competitive estimate.

John Cannon is a dedicated professional. He has great taste. He understands the importance of curb appeal and is clearly in touch with tomorrow's trends and technology. I will certainly consult him about building again in the future.


When we made the decision to move south from Boston, we originally were considering the Tampa area, but our Realtor encouraged us to visit Lakewood Ranch. When we did, we both knew it was the type of community we wanted for our two children to grow up in. Of course the next step was to find a builder we felt comfortable with and who could build a home that would fit our family's lifestyle.

"We absolutely love our new home and the whole concept of living in a master planned community. It's such a convenient location for schools and shopping. My husband has to travel to Tampa quite frequently so Lakewood Ranch was perfect for us. We also felt it was a good investment in the event we have to relocate for business reasons. We know the value of living in a community like Lakewood Ranch will only increase with time. We are confident we could not have picked a better community or a more qualified, more attentive builder than John Cannon Homes.


We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with how the plans for our new home have turned out. The other night, with friends, we pulled out the prelims and compared them to the original plans. Wow, what a change in flow and feel. It only makes us wonder what you could have done with a blank piece of paper instead...
John, you truly have vision and can do some amazing things. We can't wait to see how it all comes together on the elevations.

M & CS

We are not only happy with our builder, but we realize how lucky we were to have picked John Cannon Homes. During the period of construction, John Cannon Homes helped make it a positive experience with both an amiable and pleasant form of communication. We are impressed, and it has been a pleasure to work with you professionally!


We cannot begin to express how pleased and delighted we are with our experience as first-time new-home builders. Some of the highlights that we found in comparing your home with competitors' include the efficient use of large open room spaces, standard packages that are as good or better than most builders 'upgrades,' extensive landscaping, and most importantly, customer service!


"Building a company from the ground up is not always an easy task, and while many companies undermine the challenges of growth, John has always been a financially conservative, savvy and ethical businessman."

Charles Murphy, President of The Bank of Commerce

"Not only have our completed renovations exceeded our expectations, CannonBuilt Renovations stayed within our price point an provided superior quality craftsmanship. Most importantly, the team of CannonBuilt construction supervisors and trade partners provided us with a flawless renovation, without compromising our current living area!"


"While we are still in the pre-construction stage of building our home, I am pleased that everything has gone along so smoothly and that the communication is always timely...that's the most important for me...members of your team don't miss a beat!"


"The team at John Cannon Homes were a very professional group to work with, and we know building! Your building super was always available and we'd rate him a #10 when it comes to outstanding building superintendents! Your sales and design specialists, Mark Grigoli and Blaise Bright were great, and were always there for us and so helpful when assisting us plan and design our new home!"


"Everyone is friendly and responsive to my questions and changes...even the sub-contractors! Things are well organized, and if there were any concerns, I was notified immediately. Building this home with John Cannon, was just a pleasant experience."


Dear Mr. Cannon,

Thank you very much for allowing us to camp out on your land for the weekend. The land was very spacious and it was extremely fun and we had a wonderful time. The area of land was perfect for the activities the troop was doing.

Thank you,
David, Mark, Michael, Lewis, Dustin, Dylan, Berend, Jeffery, Matthew, David, Grey and Brady.

Sarasota Boy Scout Troop 50

"Thank you for the creation of my beautiful new Florida home and for the pleasure of working with all of you at John Cannon Homes.  All of the people I interacted with were great.

I particularly want to thank your building superintendent and for all that he has done. He is absolutely wonderful to work with and he deserves high praise for his professional and yet friendly abilities to interact with a very happy customer. Again, many thanks!"


Dear John and Company

Greetings! I have not had the pleasure of your services or seeing you since you and your staff built my house in 1997. It was a great pleasure then and may I add  — it still is! If you may remember that after the closing in May '97, I called you for how many "service call or touch ups" of whatever else — "ZERO!"  I often think of that!!

Now 12 years later you may be interested in knowing that I have yet (keeping my fingers crossed) to replace any appliances, A.C., water heater, pumps or any type of major repairs, plumbing, electric, etc.

I believe this reflects on you and your sub-contractors — what a terrific job! Thanks to you and your staff, we love our home!


We are very happy and excited to be building in La Cantera with a renown professional such as John Cannon!

Our sales representative, Mark Grigoli was a pleasure to work with he certainly goes the extra mile in his efforts...and the members of your design team are such an asset to John Cannon Homes! They have been professional and extremely helpful in all aspects.

Your purchasing agent, Pam Hoffmann has done a wonderful job helping us get everything we wanted in a timely fashion and she has been especially cooperative in helping us stay on budget!


Dear John and Phillipa

First and foremost, Michael and I would like to thank you both for helping us build our "home" in Lakewood Ranch which we plan to be in for a long time to come. We are thrilled with every aspect of our new home and have John Cannon Homes to thank for our wonderful overall experience.

Specifically, we wanted to make sure to let you both know what a fabulous company you truly have. It, most definitely starts from the two of you who have built an organization with solid core values and a foundation that is obviously attractive to your valuable long term employees, some of whom we were lucky to have encountered. A company is only as good as it's people.

Judging by our experience, you have chosen your employees very well.

We met with six different builders and discussed our thoughts/ideas as well as each builder's vision for our home and at the end of a two month process to find the perfect builder for us, we came to the conclusion that John Cannon Homes was a great fit for us.

This did not happen by accident. It started with your Sales team of Mark Grigoli and Blaise Bright who took the time, in a very competitive housing market, to sit down with us and iron out every detail we could think of. We had several builders interested in building our home and it did come down to John Cannon Homes and one other builder that also seemed like they might work out well for us. In the end, Mark did everything in his power, and then some, to let us know that not only would John Cannon Homes be competitive, they would build us the unique, quality, custom home we were seeking.

We were told, when we first met Nelson Webster, the supervisor that was assigned to us and our home, that he was "the best" and would get our home done on time. Building a home while being out of town is not the ideal situation and Nelson made us feel like we were here, on a regular basis. He kept us informed, sent weekly pictures, made phone calls on a regular basis to insure that all the details of our home were correct and were done on a timely basis. Through all his years of experience, Nelson has refined his skills at managing the building of fine homes.  Nelson represents your company with expertise and an easy style. Thank you for assigning Nelson to us and our home!

As, we know you are aware, building a beautiful home is all about the details and when it comes time for all the details to come together to complete the job, there was no better than Leif Schmidt. We were introduced to Leif toward the end of our project and were told that Leif would get all the different contractors and unfinished business handled so that we were presented with the home we were told would be built for us. Leif worked tirelessly, on our behalf, knowing his job was not complete until we could all look each other in the eye and feel satisfied that all was well with our home as we walked through those front doors. That kind of service to John Cannon Homes is one of the elements that makes your company so great!

We know there were countless others that we did not have the pleasure to work with as closely as we have with the wonderful people we have mentioned above and we would like to thank them as well. However, we did want to make sure to let you, in no uncertain terms, what a great experience we had and how grateful we are that we chose John Cannon Homes to build our Florida dream home. In fact, we can also tell you, throughout all the homes we have built together prior to our move to Florida, (Michael has built 9 homes and, together, we have built 4), this experience with your company would be put at the very top!

With Warm Regards,


Dear John Cannon Team-

From site selection, planning and designing, architectural review, superintendent meetings, color selections and countless hours of decisions - everyone on your team was always there for us!

Our superintendent, Nelson Webster, was always responsive and willing to spend time with us when decisions or changes needed to be made. He is very knowledgeable, patient and easy to work with.

We met with several of the subcontractors that John Cannon Homes employs, and they were all professional and willing to help make our home a building of which to be proud.

We are proud when we entertain our friends, clients and family to say that John Cannon built our home. Every detail, every challenge, every question was always answered professionally and with a feeling that we were your only customer!

We encourage anyone considering building a home in our area to give John Cannon a call.


A Note of Thanks

Glenn and I want to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the outstanding staff of John Cannon Homes. The process of creating our dream home has proven to be an unbelievably pleasant experience, starting with the initial contacts with the sales staff and the selection of the design, through the color sessions and meetings with vendors to the construction process itself.
From the moment we first contacted John Cannon Homes, we have experienced the highest degree of competence, professionalism and customer-friendly focus. Mark Grigoli and Blaise Bright were our first contacts and their friendliness and expertise instantly put us at ease. Your team of designers was invaluable in helping us to select all our colors and upgrades and continued the customer-friendly focus that we believe is a trade mark of John Cannon Homes. We were so pleased that John Cannon Homes was able to accommodate all our requests for design changes and upgrades which started the process of creating our dream home. A special expression of gratitude is extended to Mark and Blaise for responding to our voluminous pages of emails and being so patient throughout the entire process.

The last six weeks of the construction phase of our John Cannon Homes experience has progressed beyond our highest expectations. Leif Schmidt is truly a pleasure to work with. He addresses all our concerns and his quick responsiveness to our issues both in our onsite meetings which occur at least once a week and through emails is greatly appreciated. His creativity in resolving an issue with a countertop installation left us very impressed. Leif's ability to coordinate the work of all the vendors to provide us with exceptional service is an asset to the JCH organization and gives us great confidence that we will have the home of our dreams. We are truly amazed at how quickly and with such quality craftsmanship our house is being built. The competence, professionalism and customer focus of everyone we came in contact with serve to inspire our utmost confidence that together we are creating something very special. We also want to thank the folks behind the scenes in purchasing and architectural design for their expertise and responsiveness.

Finally, thanks to Phillipa and John for their vision that has created such a remarkable organization. Glenn and I often joke that we will own a "mini-million dollar home", having all the built-in quality of a million dollar home, just on a somewhat smaller scale. This would not be possible without the dedicated contributions from the entire John Cannon team. Our thanks once again to the team and for the vision of customer focus that so obviously prevails throughout the entire company.


Dear John and Phillipa Cannon and Staff

A Sincere "Thank You!" to everyone at JCH for making our "dream home" a reality. Thank you for all that everyone's done for us, from our first contact with Mike Tonkin to our closing with your building superintendent. Everything has turned out so much better than we could've ever imagined. We absolutely love our new home- the quality and attention to detail is exceptional. The entire process went incredibly smoothly-especially considering our baby's due date! We couldn't have picked a better builder! Thank you for everything!


Dear John and staff,

We recently completed a large remodeling project on our home, which included the addition of a second floor, a new two-story pool cage with balcony, and a two-story entryway with decorative glass double front doors. Many first floor improvements were also completed including replacement of large areas of tile and hardwood flooring, a greatly enlarged pantry, a fully rebuilt laundry room, enlarged interior doorways and enhanced wood trim.

We are happy with the results and the finished project is beautiful.

Leif Schmidt was assigned as construction supervisor. He was exactly what one would expect from a company of your stature. His communication skills and attention to detail were superior. Any concerns we had along the way were addressed within 24 hours and our emails were always answered promptly, sometimes in the middle of the night (we wondered where he slept). Often he would advise us about some issue and we almost always took his advice finding it preferable.

The president of our homeowners association and others in the neighborhood complimented us on the neatness of the construction site. This was due in no small part to Leif inspecting the house and grounds each evening after the workers finished, in order to check on the work being done, the conditions of the work site and for security.

Thank you for assigning Leif as supervisor for our project, and thanks to you and the staff of John Cannon Homes for supporting him once you did.


Dear John Cannon and Team,

All office personnel were very knowledgeable and helpful. Our rating for every category is excellent. From the selection of a design plan and lot to the design session to the whole construction phase, we have been very pleased, the materials and upgrades, the interaction with all personnel, the quality construction and the final appearance and functionality of our beautiful new home.


This is the first house we have ever built. JCH Made the entire process easy, painless and fun. Two other houses were being built nearby at the same time. The quality of those houses could not compare to our John Cannon Home. Everything was done to the highest standards. The staff- from our very first meeting through completion, we were very impressed with the helpfulness, friendliness and competence of the whole staff!


What a beautiful home I have thanks to everyone at John Cannon Homes, especially my builder David Schmidt. No complaints, just compliments for a job well-done. Thank you for making my dream come true!


Dear John, Phillipa and JCH Team,

Although we took the keys to our house in October it is only now that we are able to spend time here and we are delighted with our new home. The help and support that we enjoyed from everyone at John Cannon Homes was just incredible. Would we use anyone else other than John Cannon to build another house for us, no, but with one caveat. We would have to have the same Superintendent. He is one incredible individual. Professional, responsive, knowledgeable and utterly reliable. He helped us manage the whole process even though we were 5000 miles away. The photographs he sent through to us every Thursday showing progress became the highlight of our week, and we followed the process from afar without complaint!


The most impressive attribute of John Cannon Homes is the way you stand behind everything you do, guaranteeing the quality of the product and the workmanship.


We chose John Cannon to build our home because of his good reputation!


We decided to have John Cannon Homes do the work because of your reputation for quality and integrity. Your organization did not disappoint us.


Just a short note to say how pleased we are with our new home. We are delighted with the standard of workmanship and condition in which the home was handed over to us in. We simply have no complaints!


To say that we are pleased by the outcome of the building process is an understatement.


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