Our Customers & Vendors Are Our Best Sales Tool

I have been a lighting vendor/supplier for John Cannon Homes for over 5 years now. It has been a pleasure to work with such an amazing team! JCH builds an amazing home. You can tell that everyone on the team takes pride in the work they do. Laura Oswalt, Bee Ridge Lighting

A Pleasure to Work For

The home building experience with John Cannon Homes is extraordinary for any luxury home buyer. The personal touch that John gives to his clients is impressive, all efforts are made to satisfy the customer. The on-site staff in the Corporate Office makes architectural changes very efficient. The Design Center offers an amazing array of finishes, materials and fixtures to please any high-end client. We always look forward to working with Jason Suedhof at The Lake Club. Jason's knowledge and experience make a very positive impression on the most seasoned home buyer! Thanks to all at John Cannon Homes! You make selling luxury homes a pleasure. - Robbi Karas, Realtor

The Personal Touch is Impressive

We built with Cannon. The best thing is the high degree of customization. We have exactly the right number of rooms at exactly the right size so there is no waste. The light fixtures and switches are exactly where we want them. Absolutely everything is the way we want. The custom made cabinetry is divine. The tile work is special. You can put money where you want and skimp where you want which was very cost effective. The exterior reflects our northern midwestern history and is the neighborhood favorites according to random walkers. Our house makes us really happy. -GB & RM

Our House Makes Us Really Happy

We work for several custom home builders doing exterior finishes & accents on their new homes. John Cannon Homes is the cream of the crop. From office personnel to field management, this company is experienced and well run. John has created a true teamwork organization that puts the customer 1st. I'm sure John is extremely proud of his company, I am proud to work for them, creating a lifetime of enjoyment for the homeowner. - Alvan Donald, owner A&E

John Cannon Homes is the Cream of the Crop

Kay Green Design, Inc. has worked with John Cannon Homes for 9 years and have watched their attention to detail with every home they built. There is no detail that is overlooked and together we have designed many wonderful model homes. John himself looks at every project we present and Cathi Lane who is the Director of Design Center Operations is equally involved in every color choice and market direction along with Mark Grigoli, Director of Sales and Darrel Ashby, Director of Design and Drafting. There is also a team at the Design Center behind the scenes who agonizes over every selection to be sure John Cannon Homes is staying on the cutting edge of design.
We love working with John Cannon Homes. Our collective work has been an inspiration to many homeowners and has won many awards for the builder community from Parade of Homes to the exclusive Aurora Awards and the Nationals. 
I recommend John Cannon Homes to homeowners in the Sarasota-Bradenton area who are looking for their slice of paradise with amazing details and good value for every dollar spent.- Kim Jones, Vice President

The Cutting Edge of Design

My husband, Paul, and I had started looking for a home in Florida to retire to back in 2006. Since we don’t like moving or shopping - we wanted to buy a house that was already furnished and move-in ready. We weren’t in a hurry because we were still running our business full time in St. Louis. We’ve lived in our Missouri home for 27 years, so looking for another house was a real chore. We never considered building a house for several reasons. We had heard all of the horror stories from our friends that had built homes - delays, over-runs, sloppy work, poor quality construction, plumbing issues, builder liens, etc, etc. We live in Missouri and had no possibility of spending enough time in Florida to build a bookshelf - let alone a house! Our technology business demands a 24/7 commitment from both of us - including global travel. Building was NOT an option! Until we met John Cannon. He was born to build homes. His integrity, attention to detail, commitment to superior quality and passion to build the world’s finest homes are exemplary. He has instilled that same passion into every member of his team. They each made their part such a simple pleasure and we trusted them completely - from start to finish. It truly was a painless process working with this team of industry experts. We’ve been in our home for nine years now and we are as happy today as we were when we first walked through those doors of our custom built John Cannon home. You may be able to save a little money by choosing a builder that is less established and is willing to cut corners - but make sure you ask yourself how much you value your peace of mind. When you are building your most treasured asset - it’s no time to be penny wise and dollar foolish! Thank you JCH! Paul and I are eternally grateful! - LD &PD

Born to Build Homes

We have been in our amazing John Cannon Home for over a year. This beautiful custom designed home is exactly what we dreamed of and more. Working with John Cannon Homes was a wonderful experience. From the designing stage to the final touches, every detail was covered and the quality of workmanship was excellent. We highly recommend John Cannon Homes to build your dream house. - PT & DT

Exactly What We Have Dreamed Of And More

We have recently moved into our beautiful John Cannon home in the Islands of River Wilderness. From the start, we dealt with professionals including Jason Suedhof and all the design team. The design center was fabulous to work in to pick out all your custom finishes. During the building process, we worked with Jim Wagner, who was excellent to work with and kept us updated on our process since we were out of state. We felt things were in great hands- and ended up with our dream home on the water! Highly recommend John Cannon Homes! - HG & MG

Our Dream Home on the Water

My wife and I built several years ago through John Cannon Homes. They were professional and accommodating considering we still lived out of state at the time. Everyone involved took the extra steps to make our first custom home a place we were excited about. People and your environment will change but we always look for lasting quality, and John Cannon has that quality. This led us to do an addition with them as well and if we ever get the urge to build again, we know who to ask. - DB

Lasting Quality in a John Cannon Home

We designed and built our custom home with John Cannon about four years ago. We had a dozen or so design meetings with Blaise and John where we ironed out details and dramatically improved our original design, John was personally involved in every meeting. During the construction phase, problems arose as the two-dimensional plan became a three-dimensional reality. Darrel resolved many of these problems with creative on the fly solutions which yielded a great result. After we closed, several punch list items were identified and were handled expertly by Jamie who is really our advocate with the vendors. An example of great service was, we encountered a problem with both water heaters. The manufacturer would only replace one. John Cannon replaced the other one and absorbed the cost. Randy Mask plumbing installed it for free even though they weren't the original installer. We have been very pleased with the association with John and his company. JG & JG

Improving Our Orignial Design